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$5.90 USD Per License

4 Purchase
4 Download Demo

TalkMan Speech Synthesis Application is not only versatile and useful, but is inexpensive and easy-to-use!

.: Functionality :.

Read Text on your Computer Screen!: TalkMan's functionality comes from the Microsoft Speech SDK engine at its heart. With Microsoft Speech SDK, TalkMan can integrate with any application and can read any text printed on your Windows computers' screen. For example, TalkMan can assist you in reading small fonts on webpages or application message boxes.

TalkMan can easily integrate itself with:

  • Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Access, and Publisher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Web Browsers
  • Windows message boxes/error messages
  • Windows help texts
  • And more!

Speak Your Mind: TalkMan can also speak text you write yourself! Just create a new TalkMan document, type your text, and speak!

Create Speech WAV Files: Translate your own written text into spoken WAV files with the click of a button! All WAV files are of high quality - clear, and powerful.

Always Speak in an Appropriate Voice: Talkman comes with several standard voices, including Male and Female voices and a wide range of voice ages (middle-aged, elderly, child).

.: Uses for TalkMan :.

TalkMan is especially useful for the following purposes:

  • Creating speech for sound effects, etc.
  • Creating spoken messages for friends and family - really amuse your loved ones!
  • Assisting visually impaired users in unleashing the full functionality of their computers
  • Reducing confusion by reading small-print and instruction manuals/help texts
  • And more!

.: System Requirements :.

    • Pentium-class computer (200 mHz+)
    • Microsoft Windows (95/98, Me, XP, NT 4.0, 2000)
    • 48 MB of RAM
    • 20 MB of Hard Drive Space


.: License Note :.

One license gives the user the rights to load the application on one computer. Additional computers will require additional licenses.