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Visual Basic has gained so many different graphical services that to efficiently code graphically-oriented applications and games takes forever! So, how do you keep track of the code and make your apps efficient? How do you increase your productivity and make more money off of your programs? And how do you simply enjoy programming by making cool programs for your family and friends? With polyOCX, of course!

So what is polyOCX? polyOCX is an OCX control for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++ versions 4.0 through the new .NET! Simply use the toolbox to add polyOCX to your app, and finish your program within minutes. Its as easy as using a command button or text box.

What can polyOCX do for you? polyOCX boasts the following services (each one can be completed in an average of 2 lines of Visual Basic/C++ code):

  • Take and Save Screenshots
  • Transfer Data Between Device Contexts
  • Change the Shapes of Your Forms
  • Combine Screen Regions
  • Measure the Screen Resolution
  • Change the Screen Resolution
  • Make the Use of the BitIt Function More Efficient
  • And More!

polyOCX is a complete bundle. With an order from this website, you will receive the polyOCX installation file, an instruction file that teaches the polyOCX syntax and installation procedures, a sample Visual Basic .vbp program, and a license key for technical support and future purchases. Everything you need is included!


.: License Note :.

One license gives the user the rights to develop one ocx-based application. There are no restrictions on distribution of said application.