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Starting with the revolution of Napster and Morpheus, Peer-to-Peer technology is one of the most popular, and profitable technologies on the internet. Unfortunately, to create peer-to-peer applications, you must know quite a bit about communications programming, and must spend hours upon hours programming custom-tailored P2P solutions.

Until now. Introducing p2pOCX from Campbell Productions Software, Co. This easy-to-use OCX control for Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++ allows programmers to easily create peer-to-peer applications like Napster, KaZaA, Morpheus, etc., without requiring an intricate knowledge of communications programming. Also, p2pOCX is quick. On average, only ten lines of code can create a custom-tailored peer-to-peer solution for your business!

p2pOCX includes the following features:

  • Easy-to-use search function so users can identify, locate, and download specific files quicky and efficiently
  • Efficient instant messaging systems so users of your applications can communicate with one another in a similar fashion to AIM and Yahoo! Messenger
  • Fast uploading, so you can make your file available to users on your network quickly
  • Secure transmissions so users cannot have access to sensitive files on your computer's hard drive
  • And More!

p2pOCX works quite simply: multiple nodes of Microsoft's Comm technology (MSComm) are grouped together to allow programmers the ability to form up to 20 concurrent comm connections with other users. Easy-to-use methods call upon these MSComm controls for downloading, uploading, text messaging (Instant Messaging,) and thorough file searches. The one-on-one communication between p2pOCX controls in a network provide a level of security, denying others access to your personal files, while giving them rights to download the files you want to be public.


.: License Note :.

One license gives the user the rights to develop one ocx-based application. There are no restrictions on distribution of said application.