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Below are listed the CPS line of development tools. Specific questions regarding CPS Products can be directed to our Customer Service Email.


polyOCX $5.99 USD

polyOCX does everything graphical! Change the shapes of your forms, change your screen's resolution, and combine, copy, duplicate, move, etc. regions of your screen! Also, simplify and speed the use of the WIN32 API function BitIt()! If you're writing Visual Basic games, or graphics utilities, polyOCX is a must!

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adServerOCX $5.99 USD

adServer OCX allows programmers to easily and efficiently serve banner and pop-up ads in their programs! You can start making money from freeware immediately! adServerOCX even makes it easy to create an advertising network if you do not already have one set up.

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p2pOCX $7.99 USD

p2pOCX allows Visual Basic and Visual C++ programmers the opportunity to produce Peer To Peer applications, similar to Morpheus, Napster, and KaZaA. p2pOCX is also useful in transfering data within a company's LAN, increasing productivity by increasing communication between manufacturing plants, and more!

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ListenText OCX Control $3.99 USD

ListenText OCX Control is a voice-activated textbox that accepts input from both a keyboard and your microphone! It looks and behaves like a normal textbox, just with the capabilities of voice recognition!

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