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ListenText OCX

$3.99 USD Per License

4 Purchase

ListenText is a voice-activated textbox that receives its text input from either a keyboard or a microphone.

With ListenText OCX control, you can create voice-activated input forms. ListenText OCX looks and behaves like a normal text box - only with the capabilities of voice recognition.

Simply import this small OCX control into your project, enable it, and it will listen for its token word or phrase. Once that phrase is spoken, the control will input what the user says.

ListenText OCX boasts compatibility and ease of use. Also, with ForeColor and BackColor highlighting, ListenText OCX can give a touch of style to your program forms.


.: License Note :.

One license gives the user the rights to develop one ocx-based application. There are no restrictions on distribution of said application.