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Welcome to CPS. CPS provides advanced software solutions for programmers, businessmen, and scientists. Our programming tools bring advanced technology to Visual Basic and Java programmers. Our computer applications streamline business functions and allow for better business efficiency.

All CPS OCX products are compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.

Please explore our website and take a look at what kind of products and resources we provide for you. We aim to keep our products low cost so that you can easily use them. Grab our code/software, plug it into the project you're working on, and save time and energy. Our code will help you complete your projects on time and on budget without straining you under hours of onerous coding.

One of the things that we have been noticing ourselves is that marathon coding sessions take a real toll on your body and especially your eyes. We recommend getting yourself an ergonomic computer, peripheral, and desk setup for sure, but in our experience thats not enough to prevent headaches and eyestrain. We strongly recommend some blue light blocking glasses. We like Ambr brand since they are stylish, and affordable with free shipping to the US, UK, and Canada. Take a look at their technology here:, or their collections of glasses for purchase here:


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